User Guide

QB House
QB HOUSE is a haircut specialty outlet.

FOR HIM – SGD$14.00
FOR HER – SGD$18.00
(GST Inclusive)

Service Flow


1. Get in queue and wait for your turn.

2. When your turn comes, please pay at the cashier counter.

3. Tell the stylist how you want it cut.

4. Haircut is completed in a short time.

How To Order

QB House
Please let us know the length and shape you want it to be. Our hairstylist will check it carefully.

Example: “Shoulder length bob that is not too heavy”, “Medium slope on the side & back, keep the length at the top” etc.

QB House
You can also show us your favorite photo.

Example: “This is a photo of my previous haircut.”

QB House
If you have any concerns, please let us know.

Example: “I have a scar at the back, I do not want to show it”, “I want a natural sideburn” etc.

QB House
If you trim your hair very often and like to keep the same hairstyle, please tell us that you only want to cut the new grown length.

Example: “My haircut is one month ago so I want to cut about 1cm to keep the original hairstyle”.

QB House
Check after the haircut.
QB House
Air wash – Shampoo is replaced by air wash after the haircut is completed.