QB HOUSE in Numbers


Why we can provide quick and convenient service?
We will introduce the quality of QB HOUSE in numbers as it can’t be expressed in words.


Strength of QB HOUSE

The Excellent Service Award (EXSA) is a national award that recognizes individuals who have gone beyond the call of duty in delivering exceptional service and creating memorable experiences for customers. This is organized by Singapore Retailers Association and supported by Enterprise Singapore.

The award is open to all levels of staff within an organization. Nominees will need to meet a set of criteria in order to be shortlisted. There are three categories, namely Silver, Gold, and Star Award.

Since 2017, QB HOUSE had 61 Silver Award winners, 23 Gold Award winners, and 2 Star Award winners to date.

*As at Dec 2023

A global brand with overseas expansion

575 outlets

30 outlets

Hong Kong
61 outlets

30 outlets

5 outlets


*Number of outlets as at Dec 2023


Haircut experience value is about 4 times of a hairstylist working at a salon


Number of haircuts (Daily average)

Normal salon
8 people

QB HOUSE hairstylist
30 people

QB HOUSE hairstylist
Over 3000 people


Average time for a haircut

12 minutes 15 seconds

Gender ratio of hairstylist