QB HOUSE 5 Core Values


QB House
It’s just right for “maintaining”

I just had a haircut the other day but it is already growing …”. At QB HOUSE, you will be able to maintain your desired hairstyle by visiting us once a month. For example, clean cut fresh look for men and bob style for women.

QB House
It’s just right for virtual meeting

During a virtual meeting, if you appear on screen with messy hair, it will be difficult to present to your best ability. Get a haircut to increase your favourability. At QB HOUSE, you can get a haircut at your own convenience while you work from home. No appointment is needed, it will not take up much of your time and you can change your mood any time!

QB House
It’s just right because there is no wastage

Cost effectiveness in work life balance. QB HOUSE is a haircut specialty outlet that eliminates all things unnecessary and provides only the quality needed. The price is SGD$14 and it takes about 10 minutes for one customer. This may be the reason why it is popular among businessmen. You can invest time & money saved at QB HOUSE on your work or private life!

QB House
It’s just right because it is nearby

There should be people who feel nervous due to the fashionable atmosphere or uncomfortable during the counselling when visiting hair salon. QB HOUSE is a haircut specialty outlet in your town that is friendly in a good way. You can visit anytime in your casual wear. You can even stop by on your way home after the gym to refresh your mind and body. There are 30 outlets islandwide, sure you can find QB HOUSE easily!

QB House
It’s just right because time is short

At QB HOUSE Kids outlet, we have hairstylists who are able to peform haircut for children as young as infants. For age 6 years & below at SGD$25, while adult’s haircut at SGD$14. Recommended for families who can have their haircut together at the shortest time possible.