Frequently Asked Questions

We only provide professional haircut service and we do not trim eyebrow or beard.

It is possible to perform the haircut on a wheel chair.

This service is only available at QB Premium outlets. There will be an extra charge of $2 for appointing preferred hairstylist. Sorry we do not offer this service at QB HOUSE and QB HOUSE Kids outlets.

In order to ensure the comfort and safety of customers, we can only provide haircut if the child is able to sit independently. If the child cannot sit quietly or moves too much, hairstylist will not perform the haircut due to safety reasons; if such situation happens during the haircut, hairstylist reserves the right to stop immediately to avoid any injury and there will be no refund.

We apologize that companions or parents accompanying children are not allowed to wait inside the outlet. This is due to space constraint and the need of ample moving space for our hairstylist so as to complete the haircut within 10minutes which is our business concept. Most importantly, it is to maintain an orderly queue system so that no queue cutting or confusion will occur.

Please kindly visit QB HOUSE Kids outlet at Waterway Point, Punggol. Our hairstylist specialises in haircut for children as young as infants. Parents will be able to stay with them inside the outlet throughout the haircut.

Sorry we do not have a telephone device at our outlet.